Na mai! Haere mai! ki Pa Harakeke. Pa Harakeke is located at Pureora and is your “one stop shop” for Timber Trail Services. .

Our services include; accommodation, shuttle transport, secure car parking, baggage transfers, bike hire, gift shop, food & beverages. The biking packages are very popular.

Our friendly and experienced staff live locally and are knowledgeable in what the area has to offer visitors.

Pa Harakeke other business activities include; ginseng growing and processing, beekeeping and guided tours. The conference room is also popular for meetings, seminars and workshops.

Pa Harakeke

The Pa Harakeke visitor centre is open 7 days a week in summer and 5 days the rest of the year and offers visitors a range of guided eco-cultural experiences including the very popular Tree Planting experience. Quality chalet accommodation and conference room facility are also available and located close to the start of the Timber Trail. Go to the Pa Harakeke Link for full information.

Phone 07 8784879 and ask for Edwina or Kiri. Email: edwina.teaho@maraeroac.co.nz

Timber Trail Services

Pa Harakeke is also a one-stop shop for all your Timber Trail needs including quality chalet accommodation, shuttles, bike hire, secure parking and baggage transfer. Go to the Timber Trail link for full information.

Phone 07 8784879 and ask for Edwina or Kiri. Email: edwina.teaho@maraeroac.co.nz

Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng

The Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng factory & shop is located in the Pa Harakeke visitor centre and the ginseng plantations are located nearby in the Maraeroa C Incorporation pine tree plantation. Go to the Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng link for full information.

For ginseng growing advice Phone 07 878 7177 and ask for Glen. Email: pania.reed@maraeroac.co.nz

For ginseng sales Phone 07 8787177 and ask for Glen: Email: pania.reed@maraeroac.co.nz

Maraeroa C Incorporation

Maraeroa C Incorporation is a forestry based land corporation comprising 5,555ha of land. Plantation forestry is the core business of the Incorporation whilst Pa Harakeke and Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng were established as part of the Maraeroa C diversification strategy. Go to the Maraeroa C link for full information.

Phone 07 8787177 and ask for Pania. Email: pania.reed@maraeroac.co.nz