Wild Ginseng Experience - Guided Tour

Visiting the wild ginseng plantation in the Maraeroa forest is a once in a lifetime experience. Come warch the ginseng workers skillfully harvets the delicate ginseng rootlets. Then hold the ginseng root for a picture to impress your friends an family. A visit to the ginseng factory is a special treat as the aroma of the ginseng will delight the senses. Also hear the ginseng master talk about how gingseng made its way to New Zealand and is now being grown in wild natural conditions under our pine trees. Then a taste of real ginseng tea made from wild ginseng root and tea also made from ginseng leaf, awaits you. You will love the fresh bitter sweet flavours of the ginseng. The tour comes to an end 2 hours later when you receive your gift. There is then an opporunity to purchase ginseng products from the gift shop.

  • Allow 2-3 hours for the tour. Cost is $110 per head.
  • Tours are by arrangement only.
  • Availability - November through to March each year

Ancient Forest Walk - Guided Tour (New Product)

"Meander through the Ancient Forest where the magnificent Totara Trees stand tall and the birds sing in harmony under the forest canopy. Hear the tribal account of how the area was populated and how the local tribes still gather food and medicines from the native bush. Sample some bush food in this unique native bush setting."

  • Allow 1-2 hours for the tour
  • Cost is $75 per head.
  • Tours are by arrangement only. Avaialble all year round.

Pa Harakeke Eco- Cultural - Guided Experience

"Be welcomed by your hosts at the Ancestral Pou (Marker) called tarapikau the guardian of Pa Harakeke. Commence your guided tour with a journey amonmgst the Harakeke and native plants learning about local tribal traditions and the sories handed down by the Rereahu ancestors. Select a native tree from the Native Plant Nursery and plant the tree at Pa Harakeke to offset the carbon emmissitons caused by air travel or road transport whilst also connecting with the land and the people at Pureora. Harvest a harakeke leaf and weave our very own taonga (gift) taught by our experienced guides. Then taset some local delicacies whilst enjoying a video presentation about the local people, thier history and new business activities.

  • Allow 2-3 hours for the tour
  • Cost is $110 per head
  • Tours are by arrangement only. Available all year round.

Contact Details

For all enquiries please contact Edwina Te Aho our Pa Harakeke Manager. Phone 07 8784879  Email