Rereahu Story Book - Introduction

Pa Harakeke is thrilled to present the Rereahu Story Book featuring ten stories handed down through the generations of Ngati Rereahu people. The book is entitled “Rereahu Chronicles” and incorporates English and Maori versions in the one book. Order your copy of the publication online. Posters of each of the stories are also on sale and are available for purchase online .

Brief Overview

Here is a brief overview of each of the 10 stories Story One - Haware the Giant A true story of a child who grew to become an eight foot giant and performed great feats of strength Story Two – The Death of Peehi A true story of a Ngati Rereahu chief Te Peehi who was killed by the Kahupungapunga people Story Three – The Great race A true story of a foot race between two rival chiefs, Te Kanawa and Tu Te Tawha, and the thrilling finish which is still talked about today Story Four - Kahu’s Recovery A true story of faith and courage of the chieftainess, Kahu Pekarere who recovered from a serious illness and named the mountain Pureora after that incidentStory Five – The Caress of Rukutia A true story of cunning and deception with the chief Wheto being lured away by two beautiful sisters to his eventual demise Story Six - Tanekaha A Ngati Rereahu legend about the Tanekaha tree and how it gained the qualities of strength and durability Story Seven – The Birth of the Chief Rereahu A true story about the birth of the Chief ‘Rereahu’ and how he came by his name Story Eight – A Lovers Tale A true story about Te Toopu who eloped with Pera the ninth wife of the warrior chief Te Kooti and the eventual showdown between the two warriors Story Nine – The Arrival of Te Kooti A true story about the arrival of the warrior chief Te Kooti in the King Country and the challenge laid down by the elder Te Ra Karepe left in the village of Paraharaha with only women and children at his side Story Ten – Tree Top Lovers A true story about two cousin lovers Tutakamoana and Rangipare who were both betrothed to others but decided to elope taking refuge in the tree tops.


Pa Harakeke acknowledges the valuable contributions of the following people who made the Rereahu Story Book possible. Phillip Crown - Kaumatua (Elder) and Tohunga (Historian) who recounted the stories and allowed the stories to be recorded Shane Te Ruki - Writer and historian who provided the story boards texts in both English and Te Reo Maori Paul Herbert - Artist and Designer who created the illustrations for the story book and compiled the book for publication Te Puni Kokiri - The Maori Development Agency who had the foresight to support this wonderful project.

How to Purchase the Rereahu Story Book

The Rereahu Stories are available for purchase as Posters and in Book form through the Pa Harakeke Visitor Centre at Pureora, Maraeroa C Incorporations offices in Te Kuiti or through our Online Shop.